Greetings                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Established in the year 2002, the Department of Psychology, School of Education & Behavioural Sciences has paved way to achieve the standards in the field of academics. We come with a vision to foster different facets of students in order to see them develop vibrantly. Here in our department we are committed than ever in our work seeking to understand those many factors that contribute to the mental health and wellbeing. Our outstanding faculty is also concerned about the future directions in psychology thus making it more practical. Learning and curriculum is adapted to the needs of the environment in  unison to empower the students with problem solving, communication, decision making skills that could make difference to the society. To achieve this we work closely with our students as they progress throughout their curriculum.

Psychology is a hub discipline that bridges different fields such as sociology, health education, marketing and neuroscience etc and is integral to understand the fundamental building blocks of human behaviour necessary for addressing contemporary societal issues such as drug addiction, mental distress and childhood wellbeing.

Through research we collaborate with many other institutions of the society. The alumni of the department are settled across the globe which is a clear example of their learning experiences at the department.

I invite you to pursue our website to learn more about our department and to discover the richness of what it has to offer.


Thanks & Regards

Dr. Humera Shafi

(Head of the Department)