Manuscript Guidelines for Authors:

Dear Author:

Welcome to Department of Psychology, University of Kashmir. If this is the first time you are going to publish with us, we hope you find the following guidelines useful. By following these guidelines, we ensure that your publication is produced as quickly and effectively as possible.
Manuscript Format:

  • Create manuscript using Microsoft Word software.

  • Use double spacing throughout.

  • Use “Times New Roman” font throughout.

Cover Letter:

It should be included separately with your full name, degrees, affiliation, email address, telephone number, and preferred mailing address.

Length of contribution:

1500-4000 words. The word count includes references, tables, and boxes. The headings within a chapter should be consistent and logically ranked.

We prefer APA style of Referencing and Report Writing.

The tables should be presented in a columnar format  and should be comprehensible to the reader without having to refer to the main text.


We suggest you to limit the use of borrowed material because it detracts from the
novelty of your work. In case you use material from other publications, it is your
responsibility as the author to secure all permissions and pay fees.